Healing starts when feeling safe 

DeepConnect in an amazing and powerful Guided Self-Healing

Heal your female power, sexual health and self love and be whole again

Recover from toxic relationships, move away from addictive behaviour, select your partners for the right reasons, recover from burn-out or depression. Regain your sex drive, feel sexual empowered again with the full joy of orgasms and experience  sensual healing in your relationships.

Transform your life in an exclusive personal journey

Always working from awake and loving presence, and only touching with full mutual consent, we increase awareness using proven techniques from powerful traditions such as Tantra, Taoism, Shamanism, Breathwork, Psychotherapy, PsychoPhysiology, Conscious Touch, Bodywork, Focussing and Hypnosis.

Above all we use our awareness to heal in the present moment

Real Change is a guided journey into Loving Presence


Many things happen in your life, most good and some bad



Bad things happened or are still happening to us. We need to fix that first before we move on into freedom.

Recovering from stress, trauma or toxic relationships comes first!



In the bedroom a lot happens. Or not! Looking for Mr right the wrong way? Are your relationships still quite a challenge?

Discover now how to live freely and happy inside your relationships



Sometimes things do not work the way you want or hope for. Physically or psychologically. From sex addictions to lack of energy.

Transform your life and thrive in a new you!



Curious or insecure about things you like to know more about, and never dared to ask? Never dared to do?

Now is the time! Let's explore the unknown together



Live Your Authentic Truth

Sexual energy is a primordial, authentic energy that drives all existence.

From an early age your family history, your culture and your life experiences determine the expression of your sexuality. As a result of this conditioning you may feel insecure, affecting how you experience love, intimacy and sexuality.

Sexual energy should create an abundance of loving joy and innocent creativity that makes you feel alive and valuable. Honouring life and sexuality to fully connect to your inner core. In bliss.

But instead of living this energy fully you may shy away from it, accept less than average, and feel disconnected from who you are, tired and sometimes even unworthy.

In DeepConnect sessions we create a safe space to explore new ways of living your dream, interacting with your body, your desires, to re-discover love, intimacy and sexuality in a healthy way.

DeepConnect to the Goddess within You

You are welcome alone or with your partner
In both single and couple sessions a female coach can be present



Enrich your life and that of your beloved
Together we create the space where you can heal 



Let's discover how to live your fantasies and your wildest dreams.

Live your authentic self, Beast and Beauty!



The world of touch is unlimited and a conscious touch opens all doors in life.

Touching only happens in the present moment



Get the skills and techniques to create personal confidence, safety and pleasure in one.

There can never be too much pleasure!



Use proven methods to release information your body still holds in sub-conscious patterns.

Free yourself. Heal your wounds!



Touching the body no words are wasted

We all need to be consciously touched. With love and awareness, in the moment. We are often not touched enough or in the wrong way. The right touch guides us on our inner journey. In all our sessions we only touch with full mutual consent.

In order to live a truly fulfilling and complete life we need to feel our body. The body is what creates our human experience. It determines what we feel, who we are, what we remember The body stores our desires, our fears and above all our divine capacity for joy, self worth, beauty and creativity. When your body opens fully you experience love and presence, you feel connected and protected.

Only on a physical level true healing takes place

In DeepConnect sessions we will awake you whole BodyMind and reconnect to all its levels - physical, energetic, emotional/mental, the awareness body and the spiritual body. 

From presence and love, we will use everything to our avail; including breath, touch, caress, movement, scents and music. Stimulating body awareness to release tensions and memories, you can access all 12 Divine Qualities you were born with

Surrender to your full potential

Intimate by nature, respect and boundaries are our solemn guide.​ Your uniqueness is where we start and your feedback the signal to go beyond what is known.

Where we encounter places of hurt and pain and we will navigate gently forward to release blockages and conditioning on multiple levels.

DeepConnect sessions give you a chance to re-connect to your original state of bliss and to awaken the divine qualities that are yours since birth.

We can only heal in the presence of others



Some wounds only heal when safely connected to another human being

Someone who protects and holds the space for you to heal, to be who you are. Without rules, without conditions, allowing your pain and your pleasure to Be.

Feeling whole again requires a space where you feel safe & protected, without judgement, loved for who you are, how you are, respected. Where you can express, heal, learn and practice new behaviour.

Awaken the Goddess within

In each DeepConnect session I create and hold such a sacred space for you in Daka spirit.

From spiritual strength and masculine power, I sensitively and creatively hold the safe and protected space you need to heal your heart and reconnect your female and male energy so sacred love can flow through you once again, freely.

Dance again  - it is your birthright



When you feel inspired and touched by my work I can give you access to over 200 reviews from people I have worked with who have given me a review score of 5 out of 5

A live intake or a short video call can be the beginning of a more healthy, happy and fulfilling life

 Over 200 sessions are rated 5 out of 5


Individual Session
4 hrs

Couples Session
5 hrs

Pressure-Cooker Weekend
Immerse in 2 24-hour days of one-on-one therapeutic coaching and bodywork


1 day / month (6-
12 months)
App/Skype coaching in between
From 900,-​ per month

Prices in Euro
Travel, meal and accomodation costs not included

Guaranteed the best investment in yourself ever 


I offer you 30 years experience with coaching, bodywork, sexuality, intimacy, therapy and spiritual development in various traditions.

Having lived my sexual spirit generously I can be there for you in all aspects of your being. To serve you as an equal, as a friend.

Amsterdam is my homebase. You can book me for training, workshops and private sessions worldwide.

Discover how you can open up to life's incredible journey

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The statue of Kalachakra (Wheel of Time) and Vishvamata (World Mother)

 Kalachakra’s partner (his Wisdom) is Vishvamata.
The “time” part of the deity’s name, regarded as relative, refers to compassion
The “wheel” part, regarded as absolute, refers to wisdom (the realization of the emptiness of all phenomena)

Kalachakra and Vishvamata fused together symbolizes Buddhist enlightenment